State-of-the-art, integrated high-throughput sample loader can easily handle your samples in any type of microtiter plate up to 384 wells, including standard or deep 96 well, 5mL tube racks, and single 5mL tubes. Sample integrity is maintained with on-board agitation and temperature control.

With the smallest benchtop footprint in its class and high speed system design enabling event rates of >100,000/second, ZE5 provides unmatched performance
in limited lab space.

ZE5 can be configured with up to five spatially separated lasers and 30 detectors providing the flexibility you need for multi-laser fluorescence detection without compromise. Its dual Forward Scatter design allows either simultaneous standard and small particle detection or multi-laser scatter detection. The innovative EYE profiles your instrument with 10 distinct wavelengths of LEDs to verify the optical filter configuration and track detection performance over time.

Propel Labs’ intuitive EVO software provides unattended start-up and quality control, automated fluorescence compensation, a fluorochrome selector panel, and a runlist design wizard. Integrated training modules, remote access capability, and the ability to analyze files while acquiring saves time and streamlines your workflow.

Download The ZE5 Cell Analyzer Brochure

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