How unique…

How unique… The Propel Labs team assembled a team from flow cytometry core labs and asked for our help with designing an ideal analyzer. We wanted a compact, easy, and flexible machine that could produce formidably complex data, very quickly, and with no behind-the-scenes losses, of course. Could they design an instrument that would warn us about some of those snags we hit every day? Yeti will tell me that my filter configuration change probably won’t work. And Yeti, after I change those filters back, check my accuracy with your Eye, please. Let me turn it off remotely, just in case that late-night customer forgot. Change that sheath tank on the fly. Give us the ultimate plate sampler- fast and flexible. Oh, and a tube rack too.

Looking forward to a Yeti for my lab. Is it related to Siri?

Karen Helm, University of Colorado at Denver