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The new NanoView upgrade enhances the FSC detection limit to < 0.2µm particles on the MoFlo*. This small particle detection system integrates custom optics to collect forward scattered light from the core stream and image it onto a pinhole.

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The NanoView module expands the MoFlo platform with the ability to identify and recover micro particles from <0.2µm-1µm for further analysis. Included in the upgrade:

  • Custom aspheric imaging
  • Increased forward scatter collection angle from 9 to 18°
  • Optimized pinhole collection to eliminate stray light
  • Low noise PMT detector

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These histograms show a comparison of 0.88µm, 0.45 µm and 0.22 µm beads in the forward scatter and the side scatter angles.  The addition of the NanoView upgrade greatly enhances the resolution of these small particles in the forward scatter angle.

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Histograms highlighting improved resolution of Dragon Green and Fluoresbrite bead as well as detection of plasma exosomes.

Data courtesy of Vasilis Toxavidis and John Tigges

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* Registered trademark of Beckman Coulter
** Registered trademark of Polysciences, Inc.