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Propel Labs’ Co-Lase Laser Combining Tower allows single or co-linear laser excitation paths for your MoFlo*. Custom beam steering and shaping optics provide either independent or simultaneous beams to maximize your application portfolio. Co-Lase Towers can be upgraded onto any laser path on your MoFlo.

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Common Configurations

  • 405nm 100mW / 640nm 100mW
  • 355nm 100mW / 561nm 100mW
  • 405nm 100mW / 561nm 100mW
  • 355nm 100mW / 640nm 100mW
  • 561nm 200mW / 640nm 100mW

The Co-Lase Tower can integrate any configuration, including single laser, with any wavelength including your existing water-cooled and solid-state lasers.

  • 355nm UV
  • 405nm Violet
  • 457nm Deep Blue
  • 460nm Blue
  • 488nm Blue
  • 532nm Green
  • 552nm Yellow
  • 561nm Yellow
  • 592nm Orange
  • 640nm Red
  • Custom lasers upon request

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Co-linear alignment data using Spherotech Ultra Rainbow Beads and 6-peak beads.

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Detection of the fluorescent protein, mCherry, is greatly enhanced using a 561nm laser on a Co-Lase tower rather than standard 488nm excitation.

mCherry, 488nm excitation
mCherry, 561nm excitation

Data courtesy of Maria Daly, University of Cambridge

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“I can’t believe we didn’t get our MoFlo upgraded with a Co-Lase laser tower sooner. The Co-Lase tower has given us the tightest CVs I’ve ever seen on our system. And opening up another laser path has given us even more fluorochrome possibilities.”

Lester Acosta, University of Colorado Cancer Center – Flow Shared Resource

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* Registered trademark of Beckman Coulter
** Registered trademark of Spherotech