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Propel Labs now offers a Benchtop Biocontainment Enclosures (BBE) for the flow cytometry instrumentation market. The BBE is designed to help protect flow cytometry operators from exposure to biological agents by providing high levels of primary containment for BSL-2 and BSL-3 applications.

Exceeding Class I functional requirements, the BBE captures aerosols, microorganisms and other airborne particulates generated during cell sorting and analysis.

  • BBE HEPA filters remove 99.99% of 0.3µm particles
  • Airflow through the user access panels exceeds 100 fpm
  • Stable sorting with 6-8 air changes per minute and little turbulence
  • Air is drawn into the BBE on all sides, decreasing uncirculated air pockets
  • Integrated aerosol evacuation of sort chamber
  • Available on the FASC Aria*, Custom S3e** and other models upon request


  • Efficient design allows fans to run at a lower RPM resulting in quieter operation.
  • Clear construction transmits ambient light, eliminating the need for an internal light source.
  • Low overall heat load with reduced electrical consumption for minimal impact to the lab.
  • Innovative design facilitates access through sides of enclosure for maintenance and calibration.
  • Compact footprint is designed to accommodate any benchtop flow cytometry equipment with access ports for usability.
  • Specialized covers available for VHP decontamination.

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* Registered trademark of Becton Dickinson
** Registered trademark of Bio-Rad Laboratories